moonlight blouse

umebiyori (by aosora*)

CNV00038 by comb over beard on Flickr.

Shisen-do Temple,Kyoto,Japan/京都・詩仙堂 by nagatak on Flickr.

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so first off…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! or happy holidays for those of you that don’t celebrate christmas c: 

-mbf me (easier to keep see updates and keep up)-don’t unfollow afterwards :c-reblog this post between december 24th and january 13th-likes don’t count as an entry, but you may like this post to bookmark it-any kind of blog can participate, but you have a higher chance if you’re asian-based (fashion, music, photography, etc)-this post must receive 30+ notes

how it’ll go down:

-on january 13th, i’ll be checking blogs and handpicking 5 to put in a poll-the poll will go up on the 14th, and run until the 24th-NOTE: THERE IS A CATCH THIS TIME (and for polls hereafter), PLEASE READ MORE AT THE END. THANK-whoever has the most votes in by january 24th is my january blog of the month!!-i’ll promote you from january 25th to february 25th, and during that time period you can ask for any kind of promo, talk to me a lot (pls do), 


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regarding sideblogs: you can reblog this to your sideblog as long as there’s a visible link to your main
do not fret!! if you reblogged last month and you weren’t chosen, you were probably very very close to being chosen (i had a hard time eliminating blogs and there were like 5 other ones i wanted to include but alas)
if you have any questions, ask me and i’ll publish it and tag it with #my botmcheck back on the tag every once in a while in case there are updates regarding botm business ya 
happy reblogging! ^^ img cr: [x]
read more if you have time LOL

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hanami/lunch by (Nazra Z.)